R Us Credit Card

Who are those great kids and babies that you think of when you think of children who are very respectful, and just such happy children? We are sure that those are some of your favorite children that you love shopping for on any day of the year. In fact, you may be finding yourself in Toys R Us and Babies R Us more often and never really give it much thought. This is because you are one of the many that believe all children deserve to enjoy just being a kid. In your trips to the stores you have most likely also have come across the literature for the R Us Credit Card. You should really consider the R Us Credit Card if you are always spending throughout the year spending for your favorite children. You may as well rack up on the great benefits and rewards that could even be saved for use during the big holiday season for Christmas.

Their points that they offer are pretty awesome because they really offer 4 points for every dollar that you are spending in their stores when you use the R Us Credit Card. If you just really started feeling like adding some more points you could upgrade to the card with the MasterCard icon on it. If you use the one with the MasterCard logo on it, you can also gain an additional point per dollar for every purchase you make with the R Us Credit Card outside of the Toys R Us chain of stores. Whenever you gather up 500 points they even offer a $5 certificate to be used towards their purchases. That is nothing to sneeze at either considering how fast your points can grow on their points scale. A lot of $5 certificates can add up very quickly.


The R Us Credit Card doesn’t offer any bonus points like many people have been hoping for. That however, hasn't stopped many people every year from having a reason to sign up for their own R Us Credit Card. This should let you know that they apparently doing something right in terms of their R Us Credit Card or else nobody would want it. You do also get the common 10% first discount on your first purchase with the R Us Credit Card. This is a common discount as most all store cards seem to offer at least the initial 10% discount or some variation of the same thing. The other issue people have had a problem with is that you really can't gain any points or use them on any of the products that are the digital items like the iPods, computers, etc. Again, even with that, the prices apparently are still causing the loyal customers to continue their shopping experiences with the R Us chains of stores.

No matter what people have thought needs to be added or taken away from the R Us Credit Card, people everywhere are still finding it very useful in many ways. Usually, most of the satisfied users of the R Us Credit Card are also big shoppers who have gathered many certificates and other rewards very quickly. Take a look into for yourself when you have a little more time. You just never know, the R Us Credit Card may also be the right thing you need when you are doing your shopping for your favorite children as well.